3 countries trail
This great trail round with its diverse landscapes inspires again and again: Start in Kasern in South Tyrol it is fairly flat to the Kehrer Alm, easy ascent to the Laner Alm and over the ground it goes over serpentines to the Birnlücken Hut, and on to the Birnlücke 2665 m from there it goes straight downhill again and we are in the Salzburger Land up to the Inner Kassalm it then goes flat again until shortly before the Krimmler Tauernhaus Land Tirol takes the 3 country path past the Windbachalm up to the Tauernpass you take the Schüttalkopf with you 2773 m with goes down again to the Lausitzer Weg to the Fuchsalm and back to the starting point in Kasern.






4 hut trail
The 4 Hüttentrail in Ahrntal is a long-distance hiking trail that offers a dreamlike landscape of glaciers, lakes, grass-covered mountains that are often like islands in the middle of the high mountains.Start: Sonnklar Hütte at Speikboden 2430 m takes the Kellerbauerweg to the Chemnitzer Hütte Neveser Höhenweg to the Edelrauthütte, past the Eisbruggsee to the Tiefrastenhütte and on over the large Törl 2355 m descent into the Mühlwalder valley.








Alm Trail Prettau-Luttach
Ascent via Prettau through wonderful alpine meadows to the Alprecht Alm, it continues flat to the White Wall, slight ascent, Bretterscharte then down to the Durra Alm and on to the Loibiser Schupfen, immediately afterwards you take the vegetation path to the Mayerhofer Alm to the sleeping house from there take the path to the Ahornacher Jochl, to the Pojer Almen to the Steiner Holm, descent to the Gruber Alm and the last descent to Luttach








Ahrntal Trail St.Peter -Luttach
Demanding trail: Start in the village of St. Peter in the Ahrntal Valley through rustic mountain forests, you get to the Poinland Valley, over the yoke to the Bürsttal Alm, followed by the second ascent to 2,492 m and back down to the Bärental Alm and on to the Hochfeld at 2,296 m, down to the Grubenalm and then again the ascent to the Breiten Rast on 2098 and on to the Klaussee and then to the highest point the Rauchkofl 2653 m on to the Pojenspitz and the Gruberalm and the descent to Luttach.






Trail Schwarzenstein StabelerWeg
Start: St. Johann Rotbachalm you walk across fields and meadows via the Daimerhütte to the Schwarzenstein Hütte 3000 m and up to the summit 3340 m you go back down the same path to Sandreine, follow the Stabelerweg towards Chemnitzer Hütte, a slight ascent to the Zwilchler Törl 2846 m easy descent over the Schwarzbachtal up to the Schwarzbachtörl 2544 m it then goes slightly downhill again through the Mitterbachtal and again uphill to the joint gap 2724 m then it goes downhill again to the Moosboden and another easy ascent to the Chemnitzer hut follows the Kellerbauerweg to the Tristensee and after the lake the descent to Weißenbach to the destination follows







Trail Vetta d´Italia
Route: From Kasern along the Ahr on path no.13 into the valley to the Kehrer Alm (1842 m). Change over the Ahr and over a steep step through the narrowing valley up to the wide valley floor with the Lahneralm (1979 m). After the alpine building over the bridge and through the Lahner Moos to the head of the valley. From here in numerous serpentines on the beautifully laid out hut access path up to the Birnlücken hut (2441 m; 3 hours from Kasern).
Shortly before the hut, path no.13A branches off to the left in a northerly direction, from which we follow. Starting out two trenches, then ascending diagonally westwards up to the crossing Lausitzer Weg. On path no.13, partly slightly uphill and partly flat in a westerly direction out of the valley, to the junction to Vetta d´Italia Klockerkarkopf 2912 m. Again down the same path down the wooden steps of the Teufelsstiege (holding rope) down into the Kerrachkar. After the cirque, briefly ascending to the Neugesdorfer Hütte, continue along the Lausitzer Weg past the picturesque Waldnersee to the Hundskehle to the Samhütten and the descent to St. Peter.